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my dad doesn’t just say “panic at the disco” my dad YELLS “PANIC!!!” then waits a few seconds and quietly adds “…at the disco” and I appreciate his dedication to punctuation

cute thing my boyfriend did

Just found one of the cutest things my boyfriend has done for me.

I was looking through old sketchbooks and flipped through and when I got to the back I saw this:

"Well, look at you. You finished filling up your sketchbook. I figured you could use some cheering up every npw and then so, I made a little game. In scattered pages of this book I wrote you a letter. There are three in total. I numbered them so you can properly read them in order. Sorry if it makes you mad that I wrote in your book, but I think this’ll be good. Oh, and don;t go looking for them now. It’s for when you’re sad, lonely, depressed, anxious, or looking down upon yourself or any other thing that makes you not you. Ok? Trust me it’s worth it."

He wrote me three letter scattered throughout my sketchbook for when I wasn’t feeling well. I saw this and started to tear up, it means so much to me. Thank you boyfriend. :)